Saturday, November 8, 2008

Running is Improving!

Well today I was "scheduled" to do 8 miles. I hoped that I could finish 6 miles. I haven't been doing well in my running lately. Feeling tired....and just not into it. But today I set out on a course that would take me in a big loop. Therefore making it impossible to cheat...give up or fall off the wagon. I felt pretty good at the beginning of the run and got into a groove once I hit about 3 miles. I was feeling so great that I continued running the whole distance and ended up running 9.26 miles. A full 1.26 miles more than scheduled. I may pay for that tomorrow but I feel great today. It was 61F when I started and 70F when I finished. Still humid as it is most of the year. The only difference with todays run is that I did bring my water bottles. I had been leaving them at home because it has been much cooler (45-55F) and cloudy so I did not bring my amphipod belt with me. Also I have been drinking far too many diet pepsi during the day and not water like I did in the summer time. I need to be better about that.
Tomorrow we are missing Sunday School and Church to go to the OBX Marathon. We are not running but going to cheer on the runners. I know that Ashland Dave is running the marathon so I hope to see him there. It was a last minute thing so I didn't contact Dave until today so he may not get the email in time..but I will look for him anyway. I mean I know what he looks like from his videos.
Well time to relax...I was going to mow the yard but it just started raining so that will have to be put off. May work on the garden...getting the supports up and put in the shed. Fall is here and winter is coming.