Saturday, October 4, 2008

5th Annual Edenton Peanut Run 5K

Well today I ran in the 5th Annual Edenton Peanut Run 5K. This is the race that kept me running in my early running years. I have ran in it every year. This year the temp was great. 49F when we left the house at 6:45am. Race started at 8am. Saw a lot of friends this year. My fellow running group runner, Jerry came to cheer for everyone but wasn't running. The other adult in my running group...Nicole also came and ran in the race. She did great....and beat her last 5K time from the previous weekend.
Wasn't sure how this race was going to be because I started suffering from allergies this past Saturday. Thought it was a cold at first because it really knocked me down. Didn't used to get allergies but I guess that is just part of getting older. I only got out to run 2 days this past week. Also had cramps...not sure what it is but seems that time of the month always comes right when I have a race to run.
Started the race out quick. 62 runners/walkers total. Seemed that half took off with the gun. I held back a little and was running a 8:00-8:10 minute pace for the .5 mile. Then I slowed down to a 8:22. I looked up my previous PR this morning and looked at the wrong place for my pace so I thought it was 8:22 . It was actually 8:58. I wanted a PR so I tried to keep it at 8:22 for as long as possible. After I finished I realized my mistake because my overall time was less than last year. Oh well that must have worked to my advantage because it kept me going. (1st mile 8:13, 2nd mile 8:27 , 3rd mile 8:43)
I finished race in a PR time of 26:14 (previous PR 27:47). I also won second place in my age group 30-39. In previous years I have won second place once and third place twice in my age group. Seems that over all we had more new FAST runners this year so I was fortunate to get a medal at all. In fact the 40-49 women's times were VERY fast. Not sure if I would have gotten any medal in that age group.
Overall I was VERY happy with the way the race went. I felt good the whole time. The temps kept me cool and no pain anywhere.
Now I have to prepare for the World Wide Half Marathon this coming weekend. I am just going to try to finish it. It will be my second half marathon.


ShirleyPerly said...

Congratulations on your PR! Yes, I'm in the F40-49 AG and have often seen faster times than the F30-39 one. Good motivation to keep running :-)

Running Hoosier said...


I have learned and been told that the older age brackets are faster because you have the serious runners, the dedicated runners out there. I thought I would have more of a chance when I moved into the older brackets, boy was I ever surprised when my placing was lower then the year before.


CewTwo said...

Wow! Cool! I have my first event that I keep returning to year after year. It is great when you return and can PR!

Let me know (or the group at what your miles were!

I am running the Chicago Marathon in a mere 6 days!

CewTwo said...

Kimberly, good luck this weekend! May the weather be good, may your running be fast, May your form be great, 'til the finish line is past!

And don't forget to post your hours at


TinaGirl said...

THATS GREAT KIM! A great time, a second place for your AG! I'm so jealous! It sounds like a great little race to have in your community. I too got a PR for my Half Marathon and my 5K time for the last 3.1 miles of it (I was cookin along chasing some young Hottie in front of me to keep me going). We are sailing through this year aren't we!