Saturday, September 13, 2008

Indian Summer Cross Country 6K

This morning I ran the Indian Summer Cross Country 6K. This is the first Cross Country race that I have participated in. The race went well. I finished in 36:33. There were only 20 participants. First year for the race. I was 5th or 6th overall and 2nd woman to finish. I made good time on the paved part of the race but since most of the race was around soybeans time went down there. Two guys that were running the race twisted their ankles. It was 77F, 89% humidity and 7mph wind when I left the house at 7:00am. Race started at 8:00am.
Since today or tomorrow were going to be my long run days....9 miles. I decided to run home from the race. I took the long way through town and then back to the house. That added another 4 miles to the day. Lately my mileage has gone through the roof. Now two weeks in a row over 30 miles in a week. Which is more running that I have ever done. I am really excited about that. Can't wait till it gets cooler because that is when my running gets much better. I should be able to run much faster then. My husband has friends coming in two weeks to run in the Waterway 5K in Elizabeth City. I will not be running home from that race...Not up to 20+miles yet. SMILE
Work has been going really great. Last year I beat the record of wood ducks trapped with 586 ducks. This year I smashed that record with 867 wood ducks. And I wish I could trap more but I have a meeting and bow season for deer starts on Monday and I can't have bait out on the game lands.
I just finished getting dressed up for our church directory pictures. I hope they turn out good. I have tried to lose weight for awhile and all of a sudden this past month my weight started to go down. Guess I finished building muscle and the mileage is burning Fat. I have gone from an avg weight of 140lbs to my weight this AM was 133.5lbs. I feel really great and will keep it up till I am a lean mean running machine....SMILE
Well gotta take off for the pictures. I am going to try to keep posting on the blog. I hope for great things to come.


CewTwo said...

Wow! Congratulations! I feel like I know someone famous now! Way to go!

Did you run any miles for the VRR group @ (What's a Few Miles Among Friends) website?

I only have 1 more long run (22 miles) before the the taper to my marathon event!!

I hope you had fun!

Charlie White (cewtwo)

ShirleyPerly said...

Good job on your XC race and weight loss! I have weak ankles and wish I had more places to run off-road to strengthen them.

Q: What are you doing with all the ducks?

Lesley said...

Congrats on a great race!

I love the idea of a 6K--not your typical distance. And going around the soybean fields--not your typical road race scenery! :) I don't hear about many cross country races around here, but I bet I'm just not plugged in. (Occasionally I'll hear about a trail race, but haven't tried one yet.)

It must've been neat to participate in the first year of a race. I'm sure they appreciated the support.

SuperDave said...

Your running is going well.
I don't understand the ducks?
Clue me in please :)