Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Run Run Run!!!

Running is going good. Ran my second 10 miler on Sunday. Took yesterday off....I was thinking about taking the day off of running today also. I am now sitting in my running "outfit"....debating about going out in the 90F heat of the day. It is 4:00 now. Can't wait till much later than 5:00 because we are meeting Jon's brother and his wife for dinner. It was Jeremy's birthday this past week.
I didn't sleep well last night. Kept thinking about Tabitha son that died in the car accident and how horrible the family must feel. Like they are in a nightmare that they can't wake up from. I know horrible things happen all of the world each day....but when it is someone that you know. It makes a difference.
Good day at trapping Wood Ducks. Shot at North River this morning and caught 66 new ducks and 11 recaptures. About 150 ducks were there total. They didn't want to eat corn and so I ended up shooting the net over them when they were about 3 foot away from the bait. That brings the grand total up to 790 ducks this year. Last year I broke the record with 586 ducks. So this year I have blown that number away and I still have about 2 more times to trap.

Well I better go out and run.....

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John at Hella Sound said...

Hey! I have a 10 miler to do today, and I guess I'm procrastinating... Or *maybe* I'm letting the food I've eaten turn into glycogen so I'll be fueled for my run...

...Yeah! That's it! I'm not procrastinating at all!

Sounds like things are on the upswing for you. I wish you all the best with family, friends and running.