Sunday, September 21, 2008

Worse Long Run to Date!!

Well I went out today with high hopes of running 10-11 miles. Didn't feel that great. Could be the wedding food that I ate yesterday or that I forgot to eat breakfast before going to church this morning. Either way it wasn't good. I ate a good lunch and gave my body 2 hours to process it. Then I headed out. That was obviously not a good plan. In my 3rd mile I realized I HAD to find a bathroom somewhere. Problem is that I live in a small town and everything is closed on Sunday. Besides the fact that I was not in "town" so there were just houses and fields. Well I found a field to hide in..... Still didn't feel great after that problem. But decided to keep going since I was 3 miles from my house anyway. I had to stop and walk several times and my stomach felt a bit sick at one point. Also my knees felt stiff. But again I kept going. Decided to just head back home and ended at the house with 8 miles on the Garmin. Surprise to me...was that when I linked the Garmin up that I had forgotten to turn it back on twice after breaks. I had to go to to estimate the distance that I had missed. Turned out to be atleast 1 mile. That made me feel a bit better. So now I am at 9 miles for my long run which isn't so bad. I have a 5K this Saturday and another the Saturday after that. I am running the World Wide Half on the following Saturday. After that I am taking a break from the long runs for a bit. Then my next planned race is December 27th in Clermont, FL.(I will be there for Christmas) I hope to meet up with some friends from Twitter and run a half marathon. That should be great fun. I am now going to relax and catch up on some more TV shows via the internet.
This week at work I will start checking wood duck boxes. Should be great fun but always a bit stressful as you change from one task to another. Once this week is finished then I will be in the swing of it. Takes about 1 1/2 -2 months to check all 550 wood ducks boxes that I manage. Always exciting. Will update on my progress or any exciting things that I see on my boat rides.

Oh and just to end the post with a odd note...I ran past two dead oppossums,one dead mourning dove and one dead "thing" that was unrecognizable. Maybe all of that was causing my stomach upset....SMILE


MarathonChris said...

I have discovered that sometimes you just have a bad run....physical or otherwise. You just do what you can (which you did!).

Way to get the 9 done!

ShirleyPerly said...

Hopefully the stomach prob was just a fluke. Few things worse than having to need a bathroom when there aren't any!